• Complimentary Shipping, Always 🍋
  • Thank You for Supporting Small 💛
  • Complimentary Shipping, Always 🍋
  • Thank You for Supporting Small 💛



• How Do I Customize My Order?
Choose any listing and select your desired material(s) before adding them to your cart. Once your item(s) are in your cart, you can add a “note to seller” with the details of your order! 

Be sure to include any important details, such as INSIDE and OUTSIDE if you are using both sides of the metal for your order. I will follow your note word for word, so be sure there are no typos :)

• When will my order ship?
In our Shipping section, I have included details about my turnaround time and transit time based on your shipping preference. My turnaround time is normally between 1-3 days, but can take longer during busy season! Be sure to check out the shipping section for a better estimate.

• Will my piece tarnish?
As all of my designs are made of metal, they are subject to tarnish over time. Under the Repair | Care section below, I have included natural tips for how to care for your pieces to keep them as good as new. All skin is different as well, some people can wear metals every day and their skin will naturally keep their items shiny, while other skin is more sensitive to metals and require a higher upkeep. 

• Should I size the bracelets?
The bracelets come at 6 inches, but are adjustable for any wrist. I can cut them down or special order a longer metal if you would like, but usually the 6 inch is good for small and larger wrists. Personally, I have small wrists and have a hard time finding bracelets that fit right. These fit really well on me, but also fit well on male friends who own them!

• Do you discount bulk orders? How long do they take?
I discount orders depending on the size, orders greater than 25 units are 50% off. The length of production for these will also depend on the time of year, length of the quote, and size of the order. Bulk orders can take me between 1-3 weeks to complete. 

• Do you wholesale?
We DO! I love selling to stores around the world and reaching customers I wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. Contact me directly for any Wholesale inquiries.

More questions?
Email me at hello@camillalimon.com