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A Guide To Planning The Perfect Galentine's Day

A Guide To Planning The Perfect Galentine's Day

Being able to successfully carve out time for our friends has been nearly impossible these past couple years. Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get your best girlfriends together and celebrate your love for one another. Putting the Gal in Valentine’s Day, made popular by the fictional forward-thinking feminist, Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec in 2010. Typically celebrated on the 13th of February, a whole day of love and appreciation dedicated to your dearest friendships. 

In a few easy steps you can plan the most fun, covid safe, party of the year.

Step 1: Send out invitations to your best girlfriends.

Step 2: Prepare your drink of choice to enjoy for the night. 

Step 3: Spoil your besties with love and shimmering treasures.

Step 4: Plan your activities.



There are many ways you can plan a fun time with your best gals while still keeping your loved ones safe. I’m not sure many of us have ever experienced a pleasurable online meeting or zoom call, but I promise they have potential! Send out an invitation for your friends to save the date and ask them to agree on a time to meet. Save yourself the trouble and use our pre-designed invitation: 



You’ll then want to plan your drink menu! Have your friends prepare Valentine’s Day themed cocktails to enjoy during your virtual party. I’ve curated a selection of my favorite delicious pink drinks you can send to your friends to choose from, or come up with your own!



Spread the love with gifts for your besties to open during your party. Order from our site to be delivered to their houses and personalize it with a handwritten note you can add on to your order.

Our Heart Charm Necklace is the quintessence of the day of love. Customize the charm with hand stamped initials, the most symbolic way to show your affection towards your friends. 


Our Monica Necklace combines the Valentine's essence of sweet, soft endearment and excitable, fiery passion; with elegant pearls, bold gemstones and luxurious 18k gold filled details.  


Our Soul Sister and Girl Gang Cuff Bracelets are the perfect reminder that you are always there for each other no matter how far away you may be. Proclaim your solidarity with matching cuffs, an homage to friendship bracelets of your youth — elevated and elegant.


Our Positive Affirmations Tote Bag are a cherished gift for the boss babe on-the-go or anyone undertaking their next big adventure. These powerful words work as mantras for your every day dismay, to help turn ordinary moments of difficulty into extraordinary reminders of courage. 


Our Design Your Own Hoop Collection is the ultimate way to gift your friends matching pieces to embody your alliance, while not being excessively coordinated by personalizing charms to each of their unique personalities.


I know my girls and I can spend hours just talking and laughing, which are always the best times. For this special occasion you can pick out Galentine's Day themed activities you think your friends would enjoy trying together online. Send them a few options to agree on before your party; try my suggestions -- all girl gang tested and approved. 



Really make sure to enjoy yourself, indulge in the empowerment of devotion and friendship. It feels out of this world to openly express your love wholeheartedly.

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