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Celebrating Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month


Hispanic/Latinx heritage month may have come to a close, but at Camilla Limón, we are proud to celebrate Hispanic and Latinx creations all year round. 

Read on to learn more about CEO and founder Camilla Barcan's experience as a Latina entrepreneur, designer, and small business owner, as well as discover the deep-rooted inspiration behind the brand. 

Camilla's Story 

Camilla Limón is a proud Latina-owned business. Half Peruvian and half Jewish-American, Camilla was raised with a deep connection to both cultures. Growing up, Camilla traveled to Peru every year to celebrate the holidays with her mother’s side of the family, forming powerful bonds that persist to this day. Family is at the heart of everything Camilla does- each Camilla Limón piece is the result of years of love and support from those closest to her. Designs forged in the soul and crafted by hand, your Camilla Limón piece is another heartbeat in an ever-growing lineage of connection. 



“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” 


Strong women have surrounded Camilla her whole life. Household leaders, trailblazing entrepreneurs, and fierce business owners, Camilla looks to the women in her family for empowerment. When she was a young girl, her mother and aunts united to launch a children’s clothing line. She watched this with fierce curiosity and admiration, their tenacity sparking a love for creating and a desire to bring people together. Today, her deep respect for the incredible women in her life drives her to help every girl recognize their innate strength. 


Connected and Inspired 

Camilla’s Peruvian heritage can be traced in many of her designs. Whether deciding on textures, colors, or stones, the vibrant culture of Peru inspires her to bring joy and meaning to each piece.

Did you know?  Huayruro beads come from the Ormosia coccinea plant, native to the Americas. The seeds are used in jewelry in order to bring good luck and protection from negative energy. Huayruro beads have been revered in Peru for centuries- their use dating back to pre-Inca times. Check out the Violeta bracelet, one of the Camilla Limón designs featuring these special beads and named after Camilla's grandmother. 


abuela; grandmother and granddaughter, honoring family through handcrafted jewelry


Behind each collection is a unique intention. Many Camilla Limón pieces are named after women in Camilla’s family. Whether her mother, grandmother, aunts, or cousins, each piece’s title honors the legacy of strong women Camilla comes from. The designs go beyond pretty jewelry- they are crafted with connection, respect, and pride. 

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